Slow-cooked sea bream with bergamot, pickled and fermented vegetables and a dashi crèmeux


2 sea bream fillets
1 bergamot
carrot cream
turnip cream
pickled vegetables
fermented vegetables
sweet and sour mustard seeds
lemon-thyme sauce


Clean the sea bream, remove the bones and cut away the flesh away from the skin.
Place the fillets skin side up and sprinkle the grated bergamot over the fillets. Then sprinkle some Activa EB on the fillets and push the fillets against each other.
Vacuum the fish and let rest for at least three hours.
Now carve out a pretty medallion from the sea bream and place it on a tray. Cover with plastic and cook slowly at 50°C until done.
Before serving, place the fish in the oven at 180°C for one minute to serve warm.
Garnish with pickled and fermented vegetables and mustard seeds.

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