Stuffed zucchini flower Eastern Scheldt lobster & shiro miso yuzu & lobster sauce

Stuffed zucchini flower Eastern Scheldt lobster & shiro miso yuzu & lobster sauce

For the flower:


4 zucchini flowers

1 large Eastern Scheldt lobster

2 egg whites

100 gr white fish fillet

allspice spelled


olive oil

Start making a court broth. Boil the lobster for two minutes and then cool it in ice water.

D├ęcort the lobster and let it cool well. make sure that there are no cartilages or pieces of shells in the meat.

The lobster meat is then cut into brunoise.

Grind 100 g of white fish fillet with 50 g of protein into a fine paste and mix under the brunoise

We are going to flavor this brunoise with salt, allspice spelled and olive oil.

Place the finished lobster mixture in a piping bag.

Take the zucchini flowers with it.

Pipe the lobster mixture into the flour. If the flower is well filled, it should be coated with olive oil.

for the shiro miso yuzu ginger:

100 g of shiromiso

10 g of yuzu juice

20 g candied ginger in pieces

mix everything together and cut for 1 minute

grill zucchini on the teppanyaki or grill

garnish with a spoon of shiromiso

finish with a foamy lobster sauce



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